Come and get it ready or not
The iron is hot everyday
Break me off a piece of your guard
If ever I loose my way

We're coming together and falling apart
May Clean it all up man It's still form the heart
I know I ain't pretty I'm covered in scars
But Everyday, everyday I can feel that wave...

Got to keep my head in the clouds
My feet on the trampoline
Billion Dollar smile on face
I give it away for free
My brother don't like me, he's said it before
Who thrеw the first stone yeah, and whosе keeping score
Just tryin to keep dancing the way to your door
It's a Rave, It's a Rave
You can make that wave...
And when the mad girl gets me
I'll leave a beautiful sound behind
I want to shake you Sonny
When I hear you say you think you're running away (Ha)

Angel from above looking down
See us killing Pretty Green
See the orange man doubling down
He lives in a fantasy

Have faith in the future, it's perfectly clear
Lets stop the world burning, well maybe next year
Get together before it all ends in tears
Everyday, everyday we can make that change...

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