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Video e scaletta della prima di LIAM a Cardiff

Ecco la scaletta, del concerto di Liam Gallagher a Cardiff al Motorpoint Arena

  1. Rock n roll star 
  2. Halo 
  3. Shockwave
  4. Wall of glass 
  5. For what it's worth 
  6. Morning glory 
  7. Columbia 
  8. Stand by me 
  9. Once 
  10. Now That I've Found You 
  11. One of us 
  12. World not set in stone 
  13. Greedy Soul 
  14. Be Still 
  15. The River 
  16. Gas Panic 
  17. Wonderwall
  18. Acquiesce
  19. Roll With it
  20. Supersonic
  21. Champagne Supernova

Queste il numero di canzoni divise per "gruppi":

#10 Liam Gallagher

#10 Oasis ​

#1 Beady Eye

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#LiamGallagher. Bloke is a legend. Outstanding evening.

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