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Video, foto e scaletta di Liam Gallagher a Berlino

Ieri sera Our Kid si è esibito con la sua band a Berlino al Tempodrom e mancano solo 3 giorni al concerto di Roma !!


  1. Rock'n'roll star
  2. Halo
  3. Shockwave
  4. Wall of glass
  5. Come back to me
  6. For What it's worth
  7. Morning glory
  8. Columbia
  9. Stand by me
  10. Once
  11. Why me? Why not
  12. Gas panic
  13. River
  14. Live forever
  15. Acquiesce
  16. Roll with it
  17. Supersonic
  18. Champagne supernova
  19. Cigaretes & alcohol

As it Was trionfa ai NME Award 2020
Video - Foto e scaletta Liam Gallagher a Colonia

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